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Tutorial for Handguards
Grips for uneven bars, Horizontal bar and rings.

Thank you very much for choosing our product. Before you start using the handguards, roll the leather to the inside and outside. This is shown in the following youtube video.

Grips must be worn between the end of the finger and the first knuckle.

The danger of accident exists, if grips are not the correct size!

Hole enlargement should be done with sandpaper only and this can take place by winding the sandpaper round a pencil and gently moving it in and out of the hole until the desired size is established. Check the hole size after each modification as increasing the holes greatly will affect the grip and risk accidents.

The forming out of the grips should be done by hanging and easy swinging at the horizontal bar. Finally form out the grips at the corresponding  equipment carefully.

Use grips at the corresponding gymnastic apparatus only!

Always wear grips on the same hand, the one for the right hand is labelled by the "YOSALTO" logo.

The grips need to be inspected prior to each use; check length, thickness and wear out of leather and Velcro. Do not use worn and thin leather anymore.

Keep grips dry! moisture leads to brittle and cracked leather.

Wrong use of the grips may lead to incorrect movement at the horizontal bar. The movement will lead to an abrupt blocking of the wrist and serious accidents as arm fracture or severe injury of wrist and hand.

Other possible causes of injury include:

  • loosening of hand protection during exercise.

  • changing the placement of the anterior phalanges of the hand protection.

  • stretching of the leather.

  • construction of granular magnesium deposits on the horizontal bar.

  • L-grip technology.

The manufacturer is not liable for any accident.

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